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Creation Needs Space…

For Printmaking, it also needs equipment. When the tools of your craft weigh in at several thousand pounds, you don’t have a lot of convenient options.
The challenges don’t stop with space alone, you have to find, restore, and maintain the presses and equipment (some dating back to the 1800’s), and also keep needed tools and supplies on hand. This is why community print studios work so well.
At Tent City Press we have world class equipment, efficient work stations, on hand supplies and tools….everything one would need to focus on what is important - Creating!

Types of Printmaking

Read more about the different types of Printmaking our studio is geared up for. Each one has it’s own unique matrix, process and magic which are revealed in the final product. Our Studio respects and allocates proper attention to each one in unique ways.

Riso / Zine
General Studio

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Join Us!

Becoming a member is easy! Studio Membership is only $75.00 Per month.

Studio Membership Includes:

- Access to our studio and equipment during open studio hours

- Proofing paper, Inks, and supplies from our community inventory

- Link and Listing in our Studio Membership section along with other promotional endeavors

- Opportunities to promote, exchange and sell your work through our retail and project efforts

Only $75.00

Per Month

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the process where an image in the positive or negative is blocked out on a screen. This only allows ink to pass through the tiny pores of the screen where the printer chooses. ink is transferred by being pushed through the screen with a squeegee.

There is so many different ways we all interact with screen printed stuff on a daily basis. You may even be wearing a screen printed t-shirt right now!

Although screen printing can be used to make many amazing garments, it is also a medium of making wonderful wall art, and printing on all sorts of different materials.

At Tent City Press we have a wonderful 6 color screen press and a large capacity conveyor drier.
We also have a number of table top screen printing rigs, for making art prints of all sorts.
And new to the studio we have a large format one arm screen press that is capable of huge screens up to 5’ X 3.5’

It is wonderful the variety of screen printed work moving though our studio. From local band shirts in small runs to elaborate fine art prints… all hand pulled in Alaska at the Tent City Press Studio.

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Want to learn Screen printing?

Every Month Tent City hosts instructional workshops in screen printing. No prior experience is needed. Come in and learn from one of our Experienced Collective Printmakers.
Check out Tent City Press Workshops

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Our Screen Print Space:

- 6 color T-Shirt Press
- Conveyor Drier
- Exposure unit
- Table top screen presses
- Large format one arm press

- Vacuum Table
- Screens
- Washout booth
- Guillotine Sheer
- Supplies, Inks

Collective Screen Printmakers:

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Our Intaglio Space:

- Large Glen Alps Etching Press
- Ettan Etching Press
- Rosin Aquatint Box
- 3 Vertical Etching Tanks for ferric chloride
- Exposure unit for photo / plate processes

- Inking, wiping and clean Paper workstations
- Chemically inert Sinks
- Etching/ Grounding Room
- Hot Plate
- Proof Paper and Inks
- Supplies like Tarlatan, Tools, Blotters, Blankets, etc…

Collective Intaglio Printmakers:


Intaglio is a medium in printmaking where the recessed lines of the matrix are what carry the ink. There are many different ways to create intaglio prints including etching, engraving, drypoint, photogravure, mezzotint, aquatint, or, often, a mixture of one or more.

Intaglio methods are so varied and complicated it takes many different supplies, tools, and equipment, and we are working towards providing all that is needed. The presses are traditional Etching Presses that can be used for other types of printing, like relief, as well. Our largest etching press, a beautiful rare Glen Alps, can print up to 30 x 50.

Although the medium of intaglio is hundreds of years old, most of the processes remain the same as they were in Albrecht Duhrer’s day, with the exception that today we use far more non-toxic chemicals. Tent City Press strives to be a non-toxic print studio.

This process is old, beautiful, and generally used for fine art editions.

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Want to learn Intaglio?

Quarterly, Tent City Press hosts instructional workshops in various forms of Intaglio Printmaking. For most of these workshops no prior experience is needed. Come in and learn from one of our Experienced Collective Printmakers.
Check out Tent City Press Workshops


Letterpress is based on the principle of moveable type. Invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1439, moveable type was the most prolific means to disseminate information and ideas for hundreds of years. Formally a realm of commercial production, it has since being replaced by digital printing means, which leaves the letterpress legacy in the hands of artists!

Combining the type, cuts, tools and presses from the last century with modern photo polymer plates and even hand cut relief blocks, the letterpress medium has a multitude of different results. In addition, you have the ability to print in a tactile manner with various levels of embossment options depending on the material being printed on.
From business cards, Mini Prints, Hang Tags, book marks, Fine Art, Broadsides, Show Cards, packaging, stickers, and on and on - Letterpress is an incredibly versatile printmaking medium.

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Want to learn Letterpress?

Tent City Press hosts regular instructional workshops in Letterpress. No prior experience is needed. Come in and learn from one of our Experienced Collective Printmakers.
Check out Tent City Press Workshops

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Our Letterpress Space:

- Showcard cylinder Press
- Large Showcard Press
- 3 Kelsey Platen Presses
- Heidelberg Windmill Press
- 100+ Cases of Lead and Wood Type

- Composing Table
- Hamilton Type Cabinet
- Inking Workstations
- Large Ream Paper cutter
- Guillotine Paper Gutter
- Saddle Stitcher

Collective Letterpress Printmakers:


Relief Printmaking is the oldest of all the printmaking mediums. The matrix can be many things (Wood, Lino, Polymer) But the surfaces (not the recesses) carry the ink.

With bold fields of color and ink broken up with organic hand made marks, relief has a beautiful, distinctive look to it.
Relief prints take less pressure than intaglio, so both the Etching presses and the letterpress presses are usable for relief depending on the size and application. This printmaking medium can be used for making fine art, posters, and most paper applications, but it is also common for printing on fabric or apparel. Pattern work and illustrations alike look amazing when rendered in relief.

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Want to learn Relief?

Tent City Press regularly hosts instructional workshops in various forms of Relief Printmaking. No prior experience is needed. Come in and learn from one of our Experienced Collective Printmakers.
Check out Tent City Press Workshops


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