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Some important stuff to read, and agree to:

Membership Fees

Monthly cost for studio membership is $75.00. By signing up you are agreeing to have your card automatically billed on the 25th of every month. Renewal is automatic. You may at any time cancel your membership through your member portal.

Mission Statement

Tent City Press is a Community Printshop and collective of printmakers working in Alaska to create high quality hand made prints, and printed material. Our mission is to dedicate our time, energy, and talent to the production of fine art prints and to creating a space that can accommodate the growth of the printmaking community. By developing a studio that gives artists access to professional quality printmaking resources and equipment, we can educate, produce, and celebrate a new wave of Alaskan printmakers.

Code of Conduct

 I am committed to fostering a positive space for myself and others to create, share, and gather. I recognize that each member of Tent City Press plays a crucial role in the sustaining of, and further development of, our reputation, both within our membership and as a part of the community at large.
 I will treat others’ art and personal belongings with respect.
 I am responsible for cleaning up during, after - or whenever else necessary within my process - to ensure that the space is pleasant and usable for other individuals, groups, and activities. This includes disposing of food and beverages, and cleaning the kitchen after use. I will store projects and materials in designated storage spaces, as approved by the facility manager and my membership privileges.
 I recognize that some equipment requires specialized training. Should I wish to use them, I will enquire with the appropriate members for training. This helps protect the condition of the equipment, as well as the physical safety of all members.
 I recognize that I am responsible for personal guests, and will see that they adhere to the code of conduct as stated above.
 I am committed to practicing self-awareness and open communication with other members should potential incompatibilities (or perceived incompatibilities) arise within the space.
 If issues can't be resolved with another member, I will contact the Grievance Liaison and will participate in good faith in the mediation process.
I assume responsibility for enforcement of the Code of Conduct. I understand that inappropriate use or abuse of the facilities, or its resources both tangible and intangible, will not be tolerated and may result in discontinuation of membership.

Liability Waiver


Member agrees to hold harmless Tent City Press, its employees and officials from and against any and all claims, suits, actions, damages and/or causes of action arising during the term of this membership for any personal injury, loss of life, property and/or damage to property sustained in, on or about the said premises, and from and against all costs, expenses and liability incurred for any such claims, the investigation thereof, or the defense of any action or process brought thereon and from and against any orders and/or judgments that may be entered therein.
The responsible party/renter further agrees to adhere to the rules and regulations of the City of Anchorage and to be responsible for any damages to the property and/or facility that are a result of any action(s) of the participants.


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