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We have the resources to do pretty much any sort of printing project, from T-shirts to hang tags to fine art prints. We also have a collective of experienced printmakers with various specialties and areas of focus. We’re not so much a “commercial” shop, we like projects with some sort of artistic merit to it, and we certainly cannot compete with the printing of modern offset lithography (we do not do offset printing). Our work is in the niche areas, the artistic endeavors, the small runs and inspiring projects.

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By Hiring Tent City Press, you are supporting your local Alaskan artists. Pat yourself on the back - you’re a good person.

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We want to work with:
- Artists, in a variety of ways, working with you to make something, or to just add some printed flair to your project

- Musicians, gig posters, band merch, t-shirts.. you name it. We love working with the local anchorage music scene.

- Local business, have a little project? something that makes sense to involve artistically inclined print heroes? lets talk.

- Interesting things, we all have a lot going on.. but when something interesting comes along we tend to be available. If you have an endeavor or project that is weird and interesting.. give us a shout.

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