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Levi Dakota Werner

Levitikus Dakota Werner is currently finishing his BFA in Printmaking from UAA. Levi is the guy you met in school that draws better than you. He's the guy everyone meets that draws better than everyone. And he does it quietly and humbly. He has this ability to sit down with a medium or project that he hasn't really done before and beautifully work within it. Like an architect of worlds - he engineers and layers. His mind sorts out the way things work within his fascinating realms and he puts that on display. And we all get a window into his mind. Artistic endeavors are all about sharing unique personal vision, and with Levi's pieces there is always this spooky intricate soulfulness. From his etchings, his screen prints to his linoleum block relief work, they are the kind of pieces that engage the viewer with their intense depth and complicated nature. Often using themes of music, humanity, architectural form, mechanical structure and the interwoven networks of life. Levi just casually executes his vision without concern, never derivative and always thoughtful. Each piece builds upon lessons learned before and he is quickly building a body of work that is both relevant and stunning. Within Tent City Press Levi's nature adds a facet of calmness that we all count on. His incredible talent is only eclipsed by his friendly and helpful personality. Levi has created work for The Anchorage Press, Blaine's Art Supply, Spectrum Music and Arts festival and the University of Alaska .  He has had one solo show and has participated in multiple group shows in the past four years.  


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