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The Tent City Press Collective

Multifaceted community Print studios don’t just happen. It takes countless hours behind the scenes, plus a ton of dedication, passion and perseverance from people.
The Tent City Press Collective is comprised of artists that have put their personal equipment, time, resources and financial support into making our studio a reality. Each and every collective member is a working Alaskan printmaking artist and they represent the heart and soul of our studio.
The work you see in our store, in our projects, on our jobs, etc… is the product of the vision and craft of the Collective. We are lucky at Tent City Press to have such an incredibly talented squad who also happen to love the magic of multiples.

Mission Statement

Tent City Press is a collective of printmakers working in Alaska to create high quality hand made prints. Our mission is to dedicate our time, energy, and talent to the production of fine art prints and to creating a space that can accommodate the growth of the printmaking community. By developing a studio that gives artists access to professional quality printmaking resources and equipment, we can educate, produce, and celebrate a new wave of Alaskan printmakers.

Handmade in Alaska

We make things, all sorts of things. It’s what we do. And everything we make is done by hand. In an era when it is so important to truly know where and how things are made. It is delightfully satisfying to work and create in an ethical and exploitation free environment. At Tent City we take great pride in every single thing we make, and we hope it shows to our patrons.

Want to Join the Collective?

Our General Studio Memberships are available to anyone wanting to learn and use our awesome Printmaking studio. Just Go Here and sign up.

But to join the collective there is a more involved application process. Please Contact Us. And we will send you the application link. You will need to submit examples of your work, and agree to the commitments to the group (teaching, participating in the studio and other endeavors)

Our Studio

The Collective built the studio, slowly over the years adding new equipment, tools and supplies. We maintain the studio, keeping it organized and clean. For much of our equipment, we are stewards of history. So many presses, particularly in letterpress, have been lost to the scrap yards. We are always on the hunt to rescue and protect the tools of our trade.

Workshops & Classes

When you take a class or workshop at Tent City Press. The instructors are collective members. Each one has their own specialty. Printmaking is very process driven, and the processes can be quite complicated. But sharing the knowledge and art with our community is vital to the mission of Tent City Press.

Our Aesthetics

The look, feel and general vibe of our studio and work is defined by the collective. We are an eclectic mix of different folks. All with our own approach, voice and values. All united under the fundamentals of our mission statement and our medium. As the collective grows and changes, so will the underlying aesthetic. Its a beautiful thing when artists work together and retain their individual voice.


Since we are printmakers, we have the skill set to do commercial projects; from shirts to hangtags and all in between. The Collective works together to manage and complete projects. Since we are a group of artisans, as opposed to a bunch of individuals, we are able to build the systems and have the support from one another to tackle all sorts of print related projects.
However, we are not a typical commercial print shop. Projects that have some sort of intriguing challenge, artistic merit, or community benefit, are what we keep an eye out for. If you think you have a project that we would be good for, check out the For Hire section and tell us all about it.

Championing Artists

Tent City Press is a concrete package of options, opportunities, and action to benefit printmaking artists in Anchorage Alaska. Although we are a force on the global printmaking scene, our primary focus is on our local community and its often disenfranchised contemporary artists. Our studio and collective are all printmakers but our vision is to encourage and elevate all Alaskan artists. By working with artists in other mediums in a variety of ways, we are able to facilitate and participate in all sorts of awesome art. If you’re a local artist who has a project you’d like some print related skill sets on.. give us a shout

Studio Members:

- Captain Nimo
- Claire Dynasty


Email : Phone

Tent City Press
349 E Ship Creek Ave.
Anchorage AK 99501

All content Copyright Tent City Press and or It’s Collective Member Artists. All rights reserved 2017