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Every month Tent City press releases a fresh hand made zine to your mailbox. These publications are crammed with love, art, thoughtful commentary and all the awesomery that you can possibly handle. Help Support Tent City Press and get awesome Zines all for just ten bucks a month.

Join Us!

Becoming a member is easy! Studio Membership is only $75.00 Per month.

Studio Membership Includes:

- Access to our studio and equipment during open studio hours

- Proofing paper, Inks, and supplies from our community inventory

- Link and Listing in our Studio Membership section along with other promotional endeavors

- Opportunities to promote, exchange and sell your work through our retail and project efforts

Only $75.00

Per Month


Tent City Press is a community print studio and collective based in Anchorage Alaska.

Founded by a group of working printmakers, TCP provides resources, equipment, and instruction to further their member’s artistic endeavors as well as elevate the medium of printmaking in the city of Anchorage.

For The Love of Printmaking

Tent City Press is the only community printshop in Alaska. We maintain the best equipment and supplies to work in a number of printmaking forms.
Everyday, Alaskan member artists are creating hand made magic within our studio walls.

- Intaglio
- Relief
- Letterpress
- Screen
- Colography
- Monoprint
- Risography

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Our home is within the Anchorage Community Works building located in historic Ship Creek, site of the original “Tent City” that founded Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska.

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Email : Phone

Tent City Press
349 E Ship Creek Ave.
Anchorage AK 99501

All content Copyright Tent City Press and or It’s Collective Member Artists. All rights reserved 2017